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ADLA 2nd Quarter E-News (April – June, 2021)

Easter Morning ~ Making all things New!

Easter has marshaled into being the month of April with Holy Week carrying us from the end of March into the first days of the second quarter of the year. Passover also commenced the last week in March reminding us of the Holy Spirit’s travels in and among God’s people as they marked their doors acknowledging and declaring their faith. So, in what ways are we marking our faith’s journey?

As members of ADLA, we declare our faith through the actions we commit ourselves to in the service of others. This quarter, while restricted due to the pandemic, we were able to enter into an agreement with My Friends House (MFH) to help sponsor hygiene kits to those who call Skid Row home. On May 24th, Pentecost Sunday, those assembled hygiene kits will be distributed at the Church of the Nazarene (5th and San Pedro) bringing “the Spirit’s” newness to those lives we touch.

Did you know, that at MFH more than 150 persons every Wednesday are able to receive a week’s worth of groceries and often quality clothing? These items strengthen their ability to survive while helping to restore their dignity as a person. Many ADLA members are volunteers at MFH and are extending their gifts of service weekly with much love and care. Getting to know those who seek assistance from MFH by their name is a gift of immeasurable proportion. You can serve as well, just let us know your intentions and we can guide you through the process of being a volunteer.

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