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Notebook and Pen
Notebooks and Pens


ZOOM Teleconference  Meeting

Saturday, April 24, 2021 9:00AM


ZOOM Teleconference  Meeting
Saturday, April 24, 2021

Call to Order   9:10am      President Carolyn Foster


 Prayer and Devotions      Robert Chillison
Mark 6:30-34 and John 10 (The Good Shepherd Passage)
Reflections on shepherding aspect/function. Are we acting like sheep without a shepherd ? John:10  Jesus states, “I know my own and my own know me.” Prayer from Bread for the Day.

Welcome and Attendance
Present: Carolyn Foster, Mary Shipp, Connie Chaney, Thomas McKee, Kenisa McKee, Robert Chillison, Phoebus Lee, Rita Lee, Dale Washington, Carol Burton, Paul Chatman, Willa Glover, Gwen Jackson, Pr. Tracy Williams, and Judith Tutt-Starr.
Excused: Randall Foster, Valerie Shaw and Andrea Barnes.

Approval of Agenda. Agenda approved as presented.   MSA

Attendance : Kenisa NOT Kenesha
Randall Foster deleted from present
Randall Foster listed as Excused
President’s Report : Tracie Beasley, Treasurer also on phone call
Old Business:  Endowment honoring Dr. Trout is replaced with Rahel Williams, Churchwide and Lisa Higginbotham, ELCA
Motion to accept the Minutes as corrected along with the Addendum. Chaney, motion P. Lee 2nd.  MSA

Treasurer’s Report – Report Submitted
   Question to treasurer, “How long are personal checks held?”
   Response: “Checks are mailed for deposit weekly, usually on Fridays”
   No possible way to do remote deposits at this time.
            Motion to accept report as presented. Chillison, Chaney 2nd.    MSA

7. Region ll Report
   Still struggling to get updates – National seems to be on hold because of the pandemic. Rep will be working with Dale to see if there are ideas to implement for us.

8. SWCA VP Report -  Submitted Report  MSA
   Discussion – Would it be proper to prepare a resolution that appreciates and honors the work and dedication of Randall Foster as Synod Vice President for seven years? Phoebus Lee volunteered to craft such a  document.
Motion: ADLA-LA will present to Randall Foster a certificate commending him for his exemplary dedication and service to the SWCA Synod for seven years and his uplifting the organization of ADLA in all of his works .  Phoebus, motion, Kenisa 2nd.  MSA

9. Old Business
a. Synod Wide Black History Program – Appreciated
b. SWCA Synod Elections – Elections will close very soon. As a Synod Council member, one has the opportunity to learn about ,vote on and direct synod and Churchwide initiatives. Consider if this is a way to be used by God and to foster growth in our churches.
c. Endowment Honoring Dr. Trout – Has been established and approved.  Opened with contributions of $2,095.00. Guidelines still need to be written for disbursements and qualifications of students receiving funds.
d. Rev. Dr.  Nelson W. Trout Chapel Update – Portrait has been framed and mounted and is ready to be displayed. Donor plaque is also ready to be mounted. Discussion ensued; would it be prudent to mount said items now, even though the official celebration of the naming will not be until February 2022?
Motion: To pursue an immediate blessing ceremony of the dedicated space of the Trout Chapel by mounting Dr. Trout’s picture and the Donor Plaque at the Synod Office and extend an invitation to all for the formal ceremony and celebration in February 2022. Kenisa, motion, Willa 2nd.   MSA
   e. Webpage Update – Expects to be up and running within the week. The domain had to be reactivated. Will have an interactive webpage with possibility for ads (for a fee, revenue generating to ADLA). Many thanks to all who were able to donate additional funds and especially to those who’ve prayed for the successful start/return to a social media presence for ADLA-LA. There is now only a balance of $415.00 due to complete payment.
   f. Pentecost Hygiene Distribution May 23rd. Carolyn and Judith will do inventory of items on hand, then submit through an email what is missing. The best method to ensure that all of the bags have the same contents is to request that your donations from you or your church be monetary, shopping can be done by Carolyn or Judith.  An email notice will be sent when all items are gathered and the time for assembling bags is known. Reminder those pre-committed to serve that day are Judith, Carolyn, Randy, Mary S., Peg and Reg S-A, Andrea, Gavin, Tempie and Valerie.
   g. God’s Work. Our Hands – will be done in conjunction with most churches in the country in early September. We will not push to have an activity in December in downtown LA or Long Beach.
h. National Assessment Goals - Ongoing
i. All Recycle Old Eyeglasses  - Ongoing
j. Pull Tab  Initiative – Ongoing
k. 2021 ADLA Membership Drive – Celebrating 107 members! Dues portion to ADLA National of $1,965.00 will be sent on April 30, 2021. Dale Washington stated, “She commends us, the Mighty Los Angeles Chapter for being an on time chapter with our dues and correspondences to National”.
l. Conversation w/ADLA National. – Pres. Foster still trying to ascertain and rectify why the National Board would consider raising membership dues outside of a called biennial gathering. She noted, she quoted a section of the National Constitution where it states that should not happen. Pres. Foster still has not received the Minutes from the Biennial in2019.

10. New Business
   a. Women’s History Month Celebrations in Reflection
1. Community - LA.
a.  Lifted up Rev. Louise Groce, the oldest ordained African American clergy woman. Rev. Groce recently died at the age of 102. ADLA sent an acknowledgement to her family of her ministry amongst us and their condolences at her passing.
b. Honored the work of our own Pr. Charlene Limenih, the first African American woman ordained.
2. Olivet – Hawthorne . Soloist each Sunday sang a song honoring women and one Sunday all of the women received flowers.
3. First – Carson Bp Nelson  identified and honored women each week during the service.
4. St. Mark’s – LA .  Dr. Lynn Dugard  was honored for her 25 years of service to the community as a Physician.
   b. Multi Conference Spring Assembly
Discussion ensued. Comments, good use of resources to have one conference instead of 9, got to see more people from around the synod, main speaker did not live up to the expectations of the synod title and focus.
   c. Congregation Re-opening Plans
       Community – 1st Sunday in June
       Chapel of Peace in September
       Holy Trinity – one Sunday only on May 2nd. Trial run.
   d. God’sWork. OurHands.     Sunday, September 12th

11. Open Discussion
12. Dates to Remember
   a. June 4-5 Synod Assembly – Virtual
   b. ADLA Biennial 2022 in Columbus, Ohio
                   Adjournment    Motion, P. Lee, Gwen 2nd.   MSA
13. Next Meeting – June 26, 2021    Zoom

Respectfully submitted,              
Judith Tutt-Starr, Recording Secretary

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