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Notebooks and Pens


ZOOM Teleconference  Meeting

Saturday,  February 27, 2021


ZOOM Teleconference  Meeting
Saturday,  February 27, 2021

1. Call to Order   9:04am      President Carolyn Foster

2. Prayer and Devotions      Phil. 2:5-9       Thomas McKee
   Reflected on a piece by Andrew Murray on Humility.

3. Welcome and Attendance
   Present: Carolyn Foster, Pr. Peg Schultz-Akerson, Willa Glover, Barbara Walton, Paul Chatman, Judith Tutt-Starr, Robert Chillison, Kathleen Chillison, Randall Foster, Marquita Curry, Gavin Curry, Thomas McKee, Kenesha McKee, Debra Bowie, Rita Lee, Phoebus Lee, Mayome Lawson, Valerie Shaw, Mary Shipp, Tempie Beaman, Pr. Charlene Limenih, Andrea Barnes and Dale Washington.

4. Approval of Agenda      Agenda approved as presented.  MSA

5. Approval of Meeting Minutes     October 24, 2020 . Motion to approve by  Debra Bowie, 2nd by Pr. Limenih.  Minutes approved as presented.   MSA

6. Treasurer’s Report   
Written report submitted.  Moved to accept, Paul Chatman, 2nd by Robert Chillison.  MSA

7. Region II Report  - No report at this time.

8. President’s Report “ Special Announcements”
Pres. Foster was engaged on a phone call with Rev. Lamont Wells, ADLA National Pres, Vice President Rev. Angie Shannon and Dea. Dale Washington.
Nature of call – To discuss raising membership dues.  
Pres Foster inquired what would be the justification, was told because of scholarships to the Biennial and they have a decrease in the funds from the ELCA. Pres. Foster will follow up with a written request to know how funds are usually dispersed and will be requesting the MINUTES from the ADLA Biennial held in Milwaukee in 2019.

9. SWCA VP Report   Mr. Randall Foster – Written report submitted.
The Synod Council and Office are in high gear trying to ensure a smooth virtual Assembly in June. Several aspects of Synod life are being fleshed out by the Council:
Missionally defining the synod’s future in light of the ELCA-Future Church Initiative,
Better understanding and recommending course re-directions in handling synod’s finances
Providing service to the synod staff, all of whom are co-terminus with the arrival of a new bishop, and lastly,
Join others from around the synod to assist in managing the synod properties. These real estate holdings make -up more– than 70% of the synod’s equity profile (e.g., cash and cash equivalents, endowments, property, etc.)
The ELCA – Churchwide Office (CWO) has proposed a new paradigm that places greater emphases on the work of the synod, its conferences and congregations. More about this shift as details are made available.

10. Old Business
a. 2021 Martin Luther King, Jr. Service  January 17, 2021– First Virtual Presentation, with the assistance of Lamont Pete, a Director at BET.
Accolades and comments: beautifully done; wonderful service; outstanding; please continue using the same production company; I cried during the whole service; excellent flow and moving; powerful contribution.
   Received letter from Bp. Murray Finck, he stated ‘the service was a wonderful witness to the ELCA and community’. He also stated he was grateful to have been a part of the MLK, Jr. Service.
   To date we know there have been 994 views of the service and it is still available on the Synod web page.
   The King Service offering totaled $1,675.
   Phoebus Lee asked if there were possibilities of it being aired more broadly.
b. Endowment honoring Dr. Trout Fund  Pres. Foster has been in touch with ??? and has gotten more info on parameters on how the endowment would be applied to future seminarians.
c. Rev. Dr. Nelson Trout Chapel Update – Currently $13,125.00 raised for the chapel and celebration service. A picture has been located and is being framed for the outside of the chapel. Postponement had to occur at this time, because of the pandemic, until February 2022. The day would begin with an ADLA LA Chapter meeting at the Synod Office. The following day would be worship and a Black History Program at Community Lutheran, LA. , followed by a reception in Trout Hall. Rev. Albert Starr, Jr. has been requested to speak by the family. A new altar, processional cross and paschal candle stand have been commissioned  for the chapel. A save the date flyer/postcard is being developed. The committee for this event includes, Enid McGraw, Carolyn Foster, Randall Foster, Andrea Clarke, Thomas McKee, Judith Tutt-Starr, Connie Chaney, Marquita Curry, Paula Trout and Reginald Cooke.
d. Community Thanksgiving Distribution with Jackson Limo, LA.  Judith T-S reported that approximately 6,000 families were gifted a Thanksgiving meal. Strong consideration will be discussed before future endeavors transpire.
e. My Friends House – Holiday Pie Kits – My Friends House was able to distribute 150+ complete pie kits to clients with the contributions  of ADLA.
f. Hygiene Kit Collection – Discussion ensued, all agreed to prepare kits for a Pentecost Sunday , May 23rd distribution downtown. Those willing to go into the field include, Judy , Carolyn, Randy, Mary S., Peg and Reg S-A, Andrea, Tempie, Gavin and Valerie.  Tempie made a motion of participation and action on Pentecost Sunday, it was 2nd by Barbara. MSA
g. ADLA National Assessment Goals  - Ongoing work.
h. Old Eyeglasses -  ongoing collections.  
i. Pull Tab Initiative – ongoing collections. 15 pounds were recycled two months ago.
j. Small Catechism Course @ LCM.Sylmar – Pr. Peg led a 3 week course. The book used is edited with reflections of ELCA African American pastors of The Ten Commandments, the Apostles Creed and the Lord’s Prayer.

11. New Business
a. Parochial Reports are past due to the Synod.
b. SWCA Synod Elections at the Synod Assembly, June 4th and 5th (reg ends May 7th) Elections include The Bishop, Vice-President and 18 Synod Council seats.
c. Synod Black History Program  - discussion deferred
d. Webpage Update
Our current webpage is stagnant and not engaging. A 21st century updated webpage redesign will cost about $2,500. A yearly maintenance fee would be about $350 . There’s a probability that ADLA could use $1,000.00 as a downpayment. Motion: To engage/contract Lamont Pete Entertainment Consulting group to redesign and maintain the ADLA-LA website.  Motion by Tempie Beaman, 2nd by Debra Bowie. MSA
Additional funds to help support this project were pledged by Fosters, Starrs, Beaman, Walton, Chillisons and Lees.

12. Open discussion
No new items.

13. Dates to Remember
a. God’s Work Our Hands Pentecost Distribution  – May 23rd, Sunday
b. Synod Assembly, June 4th and 5th.  Virtual assembly.

Adjournment 10:30am
Next meeting April 24, 2021 . Robert Chillison will bring a devotion word.

Respectfully submitted,
Judith Tutt-Starr, Recording Secretary.

***** Addendum – Please accept the inserted notice found below. President Foster noticed a miscommunication by herself and wanted this correction to be a part of the MINUTES. *****

ADLA Website
Carolyn Foster                                        Mar4, 2021 9:00am
   Thu, Mar 4, 9:00 AM (4 days ago)        

to bcc: me

Good Morning:

At Saturday's (February 27, 2021)  ADLA general session meeting, one of the items discussed was the need for our ADLA Webpage to be updated.  After some discussion, the vote was unanimous to enter into a contract with Entertainment Consulting Group via Mr. Lamont Pete to have the Webpage updated/redesigned.  ADLA would pay the $1,000 down payment and we would ask for donations for the reminder.

When I was asked how much the updated/redesign Webpage would cost, I inadvertently gave what turned out to be an incorrect cost range of $2,000 - $2,500.  I've since verified the correct cost as $3,500.  My apologies!

Thank you for the donations already received and for donations yet to come.

If there are questions, please feel free to contact me.

In His Service,
Carolyn Foster


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